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Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's Happening in the World Today? by John.

John 18:38

1. Have you thought about what’s happening in the world
(1) Many popular preachers have fallen into gross sin and
have lost their credibility, many priests, too.
(2) Politicians seem to be so crass that they believe they
can get away with crude and illegal behavior and still be
popular with their constituents.
a. It’s sad, but true. Many of them are right!
b. We know we elect some of the worst part of society to
lead our nation, and John Q. Public (you and me) seem
completely satisfied with them!
c. Some commentator suscinctly said, people get the
leadership they deserve!
2. Where has our society gone astray?
(1) I want us to think about several things. Let’s use the
words of Pilate to stimulate, and give a little direction to
our thinking.
(2) Agnosticism, perversion, and complacency seem to
be our biggest problems today.
3. Let’s start with the words of Pilate.


1. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the
life; no one comes to the Father, except through me.”
(John 14:6)
(1) Meeting Jesus should have solved the problem of
what truth is for Pilate from the very beginning, but he was
agnostic! He just didn’t know! That’s what agnostic
(2) I talk to people every day who think truth is abstract.
They believe it has nothing to do with God!
(3) I’m sure that in their experience truth changes accord
ing to the circumstances of that moment. In that respect,
they are like Pilate.
2. Let me put myself in Satan’s shoes for a bit. If I wanted
to keep people from finding out the truth, what would I
(1) Well, the first thing I’d try to do is destroy the truth!
a. That’s why Satan wanted Jesus to go to the cross.
b. Of course, he failed, so he had to go to plan “B.”
(2) The next thing I’d do is try to throw up a smoke screen
so people wouldn’t be able to get a clear picture of the
truth. That has been happening for 2000 years!
a. Has it occurred to you, that could be the reason why
we have all of these cults and pseudo-churches in the
b. Has it occurred to you, that church in-fighting, and
fighting between denominations accomplishes the same
c. I’m not trying to label anyone here, and I’m not trying to
say we are right and everyone else is wrong. I am trying
to say, we all need to be careful! We need to stay so
close to God that people will see the truth in us!
(3) The next thing I’d do, if I was Satan, would be to
discredit the church and its leaders.
a. It’s no accident church leaders are tempted to commit
every kind of sin. Satan sees to that!
b. It’s no accident there is always someone around who
rejoices in showing the world every little thing wrong in a
church. Satan sees to that, too! He seeks to discredit us!
(4) Another thing I would do as Satan is to create a jargon
for church members that lost people wouldn’t understand,
and which would turn them off to Jesus!
a. The world hates words like saved, baptized, and tith-
b. I can remember when I hated what we called Baptist
alphabet soup! WMU, BYPU, RA’s, GA’s, YWA’s, BTU,
TU, and DT. (That’s almost enough to give us DT’s! isn’t
(5) The next thing I’d do, is change the meaning of words,
and the interpretation of Scripture.
a. Baptism is one of the foremost illustrations.
aa. The original word means to plunge under.
bb. When theologians decided baptism was necessary for salvation, sprinkling or pouring for baptism became a necessity.
cc. If you have any doubt the meaning has been changed just look up the word in a modern dictionary.
b. Church is another good example.
aa. Originally it meant a local body of God’s people.
bb. Once in the N.T. it referred to Israel, and two or three times, it could refer to the whole family of God.
cc. Now it frequently refers to a building!
c. Sin, salvation, righteousness, grace, faith, truth, and
many other words are given new meanings which are
foreign to the Bible.
d. We’ll deal with Scripture in the next division of this
3. Can you see why I started out by saying Pilate should
never have needed to ask what truth is? Neither should


1. His position as governor blinded him.
(1) He commanded the respect of the people. (They
might despise him in private, but not in public).
(2) His power was the authority of Rome.
(3) His position blinded him.
(4) We see people all the time who have the same
a. They are in a position of respect, and they confuse that
with the ability to know more than anyone else.
b. It’s also easy for them to begin believing the world
exists for them alone!
c. Do you have this kind of problem?
d. If you do, it makes recognizing the truth hard.It may
even prove impossible for you.
e. The end result is the same. The only place to find life is
with Jesus.
2. Pilate’s education blinded him.
(1) Most Roman leaders of this particular time were well
educated by their standards.
(2) They were well versed in philosophy and logic, and
they gave at least lip-service to a whole pantheon of
(3) There’s no reason to believe Pilate was an exception
to the rule.
(4) His education blinded him to the truth of Jesus.
(5) Does your education raise a stumbling block in the
path of your own faith?
a. We think of our education as dealing only with facts,
but that’s far from true. (I can remember
when a college professor told me to memorize the
periodic table of elements because it would never
b. Every day new “facts” are replacing the old ones.
c. God is the only one who never changes.
d. Does your education keep you from having faith in


1. What is truth? Jesus.
2. Other related truths are:
(1) All have sinned.
(2) The penalty for sin is death.
(3) Jesus removes the sin and the penalty when we put
our trust in Him.
(4) He also gives us life everlasting the moment we trust
3. What keeps you from recognizing the truth?
(1) Pilate was blinded by position, education and religion.
(2) Are you being blinded by one of those?
(3) Those aren’t the only things that blind us to the truth.
Maybe you have some other problem. Would you like to
discuss it? That’s why we give an invitation. We want to
help you know the truth. We want to share Jesus with

ECC 11/06/2005


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