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Friday, August 12, 2005

The True Bread, by John

The True Bread
John 6:25-40

1. My wife is particular. She only likes one kind of bread! So when she send me to the store to get a loaf of bread, that’s no big deal, right?
2. The problem is, there are at least a dozen different kinds of bread there, and as often as not, I can’t find the kind she likes!
3. About three weeks ago, we studied the feeding of the 5,000 in the first part of John 6.
4. Any time God does something so great, we should start looking for a great truth to come with it, right?
5. Well, that is certainly true with this event, so let’s look at the great truth given here. Turn to John 6: 25, and follow as I read through v 40. (READ Scripture here.)

I. Jesus is the true “bread of life.”

1. That means He is the Savior of the world, right?
2. Then why are there so many other saviors of the world?
3. Satan has worked from the beginning to keep Christians from accomplishing God’s will on earth.
4. It is his work to bring division instead of unity.
5. Now that sounds like I believe in getting all of the churches together as one church, doesn’t it?
6. I don’t. But I believe churches should be named like those in Revelation, the church at Sardis, the church at Philippi, the church at Laodicea.
(1) That would present a problem in a city where there are hundreds of churches, wouldn’t it?
(2) It could be modified, such as Elm Street Church, or 5th and main church.
7. The point I want to make is that there is one true Bread, and that is Jesus!
8. All churches should cooperate with each other if they believe that, right?
9. We may differ on many things, but the one important thing is that we put Jesus on the thrones of our lives and consider Him God’s One True Bread!
10 Why is that so important?

II. Jesus told us! Anyone who eats this bread will live forever.

1. What He said is a hard saying. Some thought the early Christians were cannibals because they ate the flesh and drank the blood of Christ!
2. Jesus said that His flesh was real bread and His blood was real drink!
3. Those who heard did not understand that He spoke of the Spirit, not the flesh.
4. Apparently many today still do not understand what Jesus said.
(1) They try to make the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper the actual blood and flesh of Jesus.
(2) They think that will insure eternal life.
(3) By teaching that they manipulate people, and keep them coming to church.
a. They figure it takes about 8 days for the bread and wine to go completely through the body.
b. If you receive it every seven days, you are safe!
5. They overlook v.63, it says the Spirit gives life.
(1) Jesus goes on to say that the words He spoke are spirit and life.

III. Sometime We oversimplify some things God has said.

1. God has always made things simple, and Satan always tries to twist what God has said to us.
2. The sad thing is that human beings fall for Satan’s lies!
3. What Jesus said clearly tells us He was not talking about common, ordinary physical bread, yet, so many have believed He was!
4. I think He explained things so carefully, so that we would not be fooled.
(1) Look at v 37. The Father gives us to Jesus.
a. We have to come to Him!
b. We can’t come to him unless the Father draws us.
c. Jesus saves us!
d. Physical bread has nothing to do with it no matter who blesses it!
5. John followed the feeding of the 5,000 with this message because he wanted everyone to see the truth. The bread Jesus broke then was a graphic prophecy of His death on the cross.
6.. This was too much for many of those who followed him, and they left.
7. Their leaving must have hurt! Jesus asked the twelve if they would leave, too.
8. Simon Peter spoke for all when he said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”
a. Peter’s observation doubtlessly came from the Holy Spirit.
b. It’s too bad that so many today are seeking God’s truth in so many false religions!
9. Every false religion has to have some truth, or they could never convince people that they are correct.
10. Their appeal however is always the same, “You don’t need to change! You can just believe and worship and live the way you want to!” They either offer them prosperity here and now, or later in heaven, just as the Muslim extremists promise suicide bombers so many virgins or whatever in heaven if they kill the enemy!
11. I met a woman in New Orleans who claimed to be a Baptist preacher, a Catholic priest, and a mystic. She accepted all religions, and all she wanted in return for her blessing was money!
12. We must not be fooled. The Bible is correct, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”
13. That “must!” eliminates all other ways and so called gods!


1. There is nothing fuzzy or inexact about God’s salvation.
2. The only life He gives is eternal!
3. The only way He gives it is through His Son, and it is a gift! It’s free!
4. Satan has sponsored and spawned all sorts of false religions because he knows God placed the desire to worship in every human heart!
5. God knows our hearts far better than Satan does, and God gives us to Jesus when we really want to receive Him as our Lord and Savior.
6. Jesus was broken on a cross and became our spiritual bread and drink!
7. Just as we cannot live without food on this earth, we cannot live spiritually without Jesus!
8. Right now you can receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and you will never starve or perish from thirst again! You will live a life satisfied by the constant giving of our Lord!

Emmanuel Community Church 7/3/2005


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