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Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Are Free in Jesus by John

We Are Free in Jesus.
Exodus 20, Galatians 4:19-29
(Read the ten commandments)

1. There are so many things today that hold us and make us slaves, aren't there?
(1) Maybe you have not even thought about that.
(2) We usually think about the time when black people were slaves in this country, or maybe in Bible times when the Israelites even enslaved their own people sometimes.
(3) But I'm talking about right now.
2. We are made slaves by the need to earn a living, by the properties we own, or by our own bodies because of sickness, or age.
3. In spite of all these limitations that we face, we are free in Jesus, provided we are in Jesus.
4. In the Scripture from Galatians that I just read to you, God gave us a message explaining how we are free in Jesus.

I. The Jews Were Under the Law.

1. Gentiles, that's you and me, were never under the God's Law.
2. We recognize the Law as the Ten commandments.
(1) The commandments are all good, and God expects all human beings to live without breaking them whether they are under the Law, or not. Romans 2:12-16 explains why that is true. (read).
(2) The purpose of the Law was to point out what God expected of us so that we would not sin against Him.
(3) Of course, it also stands as a goal toward which we may reach, but never attain!
(4) We just are not perfect enough to keep the whole Law!
Galatians 4:24 "The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith."
(5) I like the KJ version on this. It called the Law a "schoolmaster" to lead us to Christ.
(6) The Law says, this is what God wants of you, and Jesus, and all Christians, say, this is how you get it! Come to Christ as your Savior!

II. Christians Are Free from the Law!

1. v 25 says that we are no longer under the Law once we place our lives in the hands of Jesus.
2. That means we are free!
3. v 26 says that we are children of God through faith in Christ Jesus!

III. We All Have the Same Standing With God.

1. At the time this was written, the first-born son was the one who would take his Father's place when he died.
2. That didn't mean he was loved more than the others. It meant that it was his responsibility.
3. I've heard people say things like, "There were five in my family, but Henry was the one Dad loved! We all knew that!"
4. God is not like earthly fathers in that respect. He loves all of His children the same!
(1) In fact, he loves slaves like he loves free people.
(2) He loves men like he loves women.
(3) He loves Jews and Gentiles exactly the same!
5. That led the writer to conclude that all of these distinctions mean nothing to God, and in heaven, they will not exist at all!


1. We were never under the Law, but the very fact that we can't keep the Ten Commandments shows us that we are sinners, and we do need a Savior.
2. Jesus is the Savior we need. He died for us on a cross!
3. When we trust Him, all of the limitations we experience in life are nothing!
4. All of these things will just be a past memory when we are in the presence of the Lord.
5. We will have the same standing in God's presence, and actually we already have that standing!
6. The bonds and fetters of this world may hold our bodies, but our spirits soar in free flight!
7. We are free, and we always will be free-indeed in the marvelous presence of our Lord Jesus!
8. Is He your Lord? Put your trust in Him right now, and He will make you free forever!

LTC 8/27/2006


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