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Friday, August 12, 2005

When Jesus Spoke, by John.

When Jesus Spoke
John 7:32-52

1. We sing: “Wonderful Words of Life’” and we know we are talking about the words of Jesus.
2. We are aware of the power of words, aren’t we?
3. I remember when Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “I hate war. My wife Eleanor hates war.” Those words stirred a fierce patriotism in me, and made me want to help bring peace to the world.
4. At that times many people believed the nazis could do anything they set their mind to do. and many believed the Japanese could not be stopped.
5. I remember when Winston Churchhill held up his hands forming the “vee”signs. I knew they stood for victory, and that word aroused a belief in me that the Allies would win WW II! That’s the power of words!
6. Today let’s look at the Words of Jesus and how they affecterd the Jews alive at that time.
7. Some used to say that the three fastest ways of communication were, telephone, telegraph and tell a woman.
8. I’ve found “tell a man” is frequently faster than “tell a woman.” But neither is really fast.
9. When Jesus spoke, His words had to be relayed from the front of a vast crowd to the back person by person.
10. I’m sure He spoke slowly enough so that His Words could be passed from person to person.
11. Many of us would be more effective speakers if we learned to slow down instead of speed up!
12. We read some of his words in our text. When Jesus spoke, what did He say? How did He speak? What made His Words unique enough to remember?

I. His Words amazed people.

1. Why wouldn’t they?
2. The only people who could read were those who had two things.
(1) Scrolls available to read,
(2) Someone who could teach them what the symbols meant.
3. We have no reason as far as I know to say that Jesus had either of these earthly requirements, yet he could read!
(4) Turn with me to Luke 4: 16-21 (READ)
3. It was natural for the people to react as they did. We think that Matthew 13:53-57 (READ) gives a good picture of their reaction.
4. Amazement can quickly turn to resentment.
5. Their resentment caused them to question His authority to teach.

II. He spoke with authority.

1. The Scribes and Pharisees may have assumed authoritarian positions as they taught, but they did not have any direct link to God.
2. They had no more inspiration, in most cases, than the inspiration anyone who studies any book might have.
3. The prophets experienced direct inspiration from God, but the Scribes and Pharisees did not.
4. The people recognized the authority in the words of Jesus. An illustration from long ago told of two men discussing a book. One of the men was quite authoritarian in his words, “I’m certain the this is what the author meant...” When he finished the other man said quite simply, “No. You are wrong. This is what he meant...” The first man grew angry and asked the second man, “What makes you think you know more about the meaning of this book than I do? And the second man answered, “Because I wrote it.” The authority of Jesus was the authority of the author!
5. Have you dared read the Bible and discuss it with God?

III. His words pierced to the Heart!

1.If youu want someone to listen to you, talk to them about their heart’s desire.
2. Sooner or later, every person has the same heart-desire. They want to live forever!
3. Jesus spoke directly to their hearts.
4. He told them that their leaders were not leading them correctly, and that they were not going to achieve life-everlasting themselves.
5. His words caused action and reaction.
(1) We’ve already noted that some qwuestioned His authority and the truthfulness of His words.
(2) Some completely refused to accept His teachings.
(3) Many believed, and became followers of Jesus.
6. All who believed were added to lthe Kingdom of God.
7. They were given a home in heaven.
8. They were called into God’s service as His Own children!
9. Listen, Folks, they continued to hear God calling them all ltheir lives! And He will continue to call lyou, too!


1. It’s true. No man ever spoke like this man.
2. He had the authority of God the Father.
3. He knew the Scripture, logic psychology and everything else He needed without ever resorting to the mechanics of learning as we know them.
4. He spoke directly to the heart-desire of all people.
5. None of the hearers had ever heard anyone speak like that, but every Christian has!
6. We don’t come to Christ because some great and wonderful preacher or teacher convinces us of the reality of God and the genuiness of Jesus.
7. We come to Him because we hear His Word, and it speaks to us regardless of who speaks it.
8. Have you heard the word of Jesus? He may speak in the smallest of voices...Listen as we praye...
Emmanuel 8/24/2005


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