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Friday, April 24, 2009

Musings:04/24/09, How important are demographics? by John.

I received an e-mail pointing me to a You tube article about the way Islam is overcoming the world. I glanced at it, and penned the following letter to my friend.

Good morning, there was a time when I worried about demographics. I knew black people produced more children than white. The results were inevitable that they would be in the majority. I also worried about Islam because of their warlike nature. Inevitably they would control. Then I waked up one day to realize God is in control, and demographics are not as important as missions. The key to all of our troubles is telling people about Jesus, and that's what God has been telling us all along.

Years ago, a pastor in San Antonio, TX wanted to make clear the need for salvation, and God's position in it crystal clear. He came up with this little story:

A man was enjoying the view from the extreme height of a vertical cliff. There were warning signs all over warning people not to get too near the edge, but he just had to see how far down it was. He kept creeping closer to the edge enthralled by the sight so far below. All of a sudden the ground beneath him fell away, and he screamed for help as he went over the edge. At just the last moment he reached out and grasped the root of a bush exposed by the falling dirt, and he clung to it crying out for help, but there was no one in hearing distance. He looked everywhere hoping for help, and that's when he discovered an angel standing in the open air with his arms folded. "Help me!" he cried out. Calmly the angel said, "I will, if you turn loose." "I can't!" the man screamed, as he felt dirt trickling down his collar and saw that the bush was being slowly pulled out of the ground. The angel said, "I will help you, if you turn loose."

The point was, and is, God is in control, and He has been telling us for eons that we have to trust Him. He's told us again and again that the solution to all problems is for the whole world to trust Him. People can't trust Him if they don't know He exists and that He cares and that He has made a way for us to live together and live eternally. That's doubtlessly the reason Jesus told us to tell others. I've spent my life doing that, and I will until I die. If enough of us do that, there is no power in existence that can stop us or overcome us. We are God's children!

Directions make little if any difference other than to show us whether we are doing our job to best advantage or not. Results will be judged when we stand before God one day. If you aren't on the winning team, Jesus is waiting to make you a child of God. Turn loose! Let Him save you.


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