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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Musings1111, Connections, by John.


The United States of America has blossomed in many ways since it's origin. American Indian tribes were here long before Caucasians arrived. There is a bit of evidence the first white people may have been Vikings who visited this continent and left it remarkably unchanged. I believe Columbus was probably the next visitor in 1492. Spanish conquistadors followed at a later date, and I'm sure there were still others in many countries that heard the news that the planet was indeed round and desired both to find out for themselves and establish a new way of life.

It amazes me now as I observe the human race. That includes myself. No matter how much we have whether it is property, riches, education, social standing, or power, we always want more. Mankind has constantly searched for ways to make precious metals from those less precious, and especially to live forever, or at least extend their lives beyond the usual expectation.

Population has exploded here. One of "baby boomers" born after the World War II is now reaching age 65 every 8 seconds. In addition to that, thousands of people are crossing US borders every year, and many of them are having children here. I read recently that no nation has survived after their birth ratio dropped below two per family. It is obvious that it takes more than two children for a population to survive; however, I don't think the writer considered the influx of people from other countries. The black, white, red and yellow ratios of our population may change racially, but there will be enough people from all sources to sustain our nation.

The one thing left to consider is God's will. He is sustaining the human population now, and it will remain intact until He ends it, or He is not God at all. I firmly believe He is!

Through the ages, prophets have spoken as God moved them according to I Peter 1:21, "For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit." I love this translation that says, "carried along" by God's Spirit. It doesn't indicate that God dictated the words, and that prophets recorded them as a stenographer. It does hold the thought that God allowed the prophets to use their own wording to convey His message accurately. God is constantly watching as we make what we call "history." He tends to mankind as carefully as any gardener tends his plants, and He does it with more love and tenderness than we will ever understand. Some seem to even be unable to accept what He does. I always hope to see a change in my friends and loved ones that will allow them to not only accept what God does, but to applaud it!

One of the first pair of verses I memorized as a new Christian was II Timothy 3:16,17; "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." We major on the New Testament because those who knew Jesus wrote it. (That includes Paul who saw Him on the road to Damacus). But the Old Testament was the only accepted and approved Scripture at the time Paul wrote to Timothy. I certainly agree with Paul. The Old Testament leads us to Jesus if we let it. It takes an open mind, and that might mean we have to put science aside for a time because it tends to distract a person seeking spiritual truth. It may mean setting aside tradition gained from Judaism or Zoroastrianism, or any other religion.

I went through a period during which some well-educated people told me Science (with a capital
"S") proves that there is no God. Someone asked me, "Are you familiar with "ex nihilo" (Latin for, out of nothing)?" I told him I was not, so he asked me, "With all that science has proven, why do these unbelieving scientists abandon their own law?" I wasn't familiar with that law either, but later I became familiar with it when an atheistic professor in college wrote on one of my papers, "The first Law of Science is to observe under a microscope and record what you see!" She was intimating that I had not done that. She was wrong. I don't think we are capable of putting God under a microscope, or even to test Him in any way! The Jews who tried discovered it impossible long before I did. We can trust the Scriptures. We can't always trust science. It is obviously still a developing system that seeks to know what God has known forever!

It's interesting to me to realize that Scripture in II Timothy 3:15, is the Greek word, gramma, from which we get "grammar," and they are both pronounced pretty much the same. The Greek word used for Scripture in verse 16 is, graphe, which has been brought over into English as "graphic," and is pronounced as gra-fay. Graphite also is derived from this word. There are great similarities in many of the world's languages, but no language will translate directly into another without losing or changing some of the meaning. For instance in the 1611 edition of the King James Version of the Bible, part of Romans 1:13 says, "but was let hitherto,). That makes no sense in 2011 English, does it? The word "hindered" would translate the Greek word much better.

Following the leadership of God's Spirit is the best way to get God's message across, and it has always been. For most of us, following is extremely difficult. We've been taught to lead, not follow. We have to learn again how to be followers of Jesus led by His Spirit. Our minds have to be open to His way of speaking to us, and if we aren't careful, things of this world will crowd out his message. I think He will simply place it in our minds as an idea, and we will realize it came from God. It's important that every one of us be connected with His Spirit so that we can connect with the people around us and help them hear God speak. It's our God-given opportunity to serve our Father.


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